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Parking for Fischer Clinic members is located directly behind our building.  Enter from North Street and park behind the yellow house with the red roof

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New Vaccine Service

Need Help Finding a Vaccine?  


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We are excited to have a partnership with VaxCare to provide vaccines in our office.  You can either pay with insurance through VaxCare or directly through our transparent prices.  

We offer both regular and high dose flu shots in the fall.  You can pay directly or through your insurance.  If the vaccine is not covered by your insurance, you may be able to get it for free from the NC Health Department.  

Your vaccines may be covered by your insurance, but if not, here are our self-pay rates: 

Vaccine Self-Pay Rates
Dtap - Daptacel
Dtap+IPV+HIB  - Pentacel
Flu - Regular$30
Flu - High Dose$60
Hep A Pediatric - Vaqta
Hep B Pediatric - Engerix-B
HPV9 - Gardasil 9
MCV4 - Menactra
PCV13 - Prevnar 13
PPSV23 - Pneumovax23
TDaP - Adacel
Varicella - Varivax
Zoster - Shingrix




Wake County is accepting appointment requests

VACCINE HOTLINE:  919-250-1515 

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Wake County Scheduling LINK


Ever wonder how a benefits advisor chooses their own benefits? Hear from Cristy Gupton of Custom Benefits Solutions on how she approaches health care for her own family.

From Cristy Gupton - 

I myself am technically "uninsured". After nearly 20 years of being on my husband's health plan through his employer I finally came to the realization that we were getting nothing from the $1000/month we were spending in health insurance premiums. Today, I'm a member of a direct primary care practice and I'm also a member of Sedera. Our dpc doctor takes care of us from an everyday perspective and Sedera is there for us if something catastrophic happens. I receive better care now that I'm uninsured. I invite others to join me at Anyone can hear me describe this move of ours in the podcast called "Healthcare Americana"...