What Would You Do for a Limited Edition Free Fischer Clinic T-Shirt?

  • We provide membership-based primary care that is affordable, convenient and valuable.  

  • We aren't paid by appointment, so we are happy to handle your requests over the phone or by email, if medically prudent.  In addition to not making you come in for every request, we have virtually no waiting, so you don't spend your time in a waiting room full of sick patients. 

  • We are a patient supported practice and, as such, we do not bill insurance.  We work only for you, the patient, and in many cases we can save you money by NOT being contractually obligated to charge you insurance rates.  We share with you our wholesale prices for labs and testing which do not require insurance.  We will provide codes when appropriate for referrals outside of our office, but not for services within the clinic.  

  • We are paid outside of the regular insurance system, but that doesn't impact our relationships with trusted members of the Raleigh medical community.  We partner with labs, hospitals and specialists to coordinate your needs outside of our office.  Dr. Fischer's goal is to know the whole picture of your health and to weigh in where needed to coordinate and advocate for you. In fact, specialists have told us that they like working with us because of Dr. Fischer's expanded availability.  We are able to break down the barriers that can make care coordination difficult.  

  • We provide an unbiased medical advocate to help you navigate the healthcare system.  Unlike some insurance based primary care clinics, we are not rewarded by how much or how little we do for you, so you can rest assured that we have only your best interest at heart. We hope it feels like having a doctor in the family.   

Direct Primary Care for All Adults

UPDATE AS OF May 9, 2017:

We will begin to accept new patients this week

1st priority:  Current waiting list

2nd priority: Friends and family of current patients

After we have contacted our first and second priority, we will report the registration link on this site.  

  • All you have to do is join us for a Fischer Clinic workout
  • Every Thursday at 3:00 pm at the Alexander YMCA 
  • Free for Y members or $10/day for full use of the Y for the day.
  • Taught by personal trainer Julia Masserelli
  • Great for members who may need some extra help with proper exercise movement
  • Members who come receive a limited edition Fischer Clinic shirt


Restoring the Doctor Patient Relationship through

Person-To-Person Medicine




Appointments M-F 


Dr. Fischer is on call after hours for members



HAVE YOU HAD YOUR ANNUAL PHYSICAL?  A full annual physical is included in your membership, so call or email us to schedule if you have not yet been seen for your physical.   It is important to have at least a yearly check-in so that Dr. Fischer can be aware of your baseline health. If you don't have any current issues, great!  You can use your physical as a time to set some goals for staying healthy.   

 Coming soon - Quarterly Health Talks.  Join us for informational talks about a variety of health subjects.  We are planning our first talk now and we need help knowing what topics are of interest to you.  Let us know what you would like to learn about and we will make it happen!

Possible topics include: 

  • Men's Issues - Ask Your Doctor if ... Is Right for You
  • Women's Health - Issues with Intimacy and Desire
  • What is Health?
  • Labs - What's Behind the Numbers?
  • Supplements - Good idea or waste of money?
  • Aging - Living well longer
  • Nutrition - When did food become so complicated?