We provide high functioning membership-based primary care that is 

  • Memberships cost between $50-$70 per month for adults
  • No co-pays or visit fees
  • No insurance filed or needed
  • Every appointment is with a Board Certified Medical Doctor with over 15 years of experience
  • Always see your own physician unless he is sick or on vacation
  • Same Day and Next Day appointments available
  • Personal service and private care - no third party has rights to your records 


  • Direct access with no insurance middleman to comprehensive primary care services from your personal doctor for less than the average cable or cell phone bill  
  • We save you time by running on time, so you can minimize your time away from work and life's everyday obligations.  away from work and life's other obligations by running on time and by handling some things over the phone or email that don't require and in-person visit. 
  • We can address multiple concerns in one visit.  Our patients who rely on caregivers to bring them to appointments appreciate the fact that we can save on the number of trips to the clinic. 
  • TRANSPARENT PRICING. We are able to do many tests in the office or through our wholesale contract with LabCorp.  We also don't have to waste valuable time getting permission from your insurance company for testing and procedures that we can do in the office for a low transparent cost 


  • EASY ACCESS.  Not every medical issues needs to be addressed in person, especially with your doctor knows you well.   We are happy to handle your requests over the phone, by email, or by video, if medically prudent.  Sometimes you just have a quick question and you want an answer from a doctor you know and trust. 
  • NO WAITING. Our average wait time is less than 1 minute. We have virtually no waiting, so you don't spend your time in a waiting room full of sick patients.  
  • SAME DAY/NEXT DAY APPOINTMENTS. You don't plan on when or where you will need great medical care. Your own doctor who knows you well is a phone call away and is typically available the same day or next day for an in-person visit, if needed. 


  • ACCESS TO TRANSPARENT PRICING.  We are a patient supported practice and, as such, we do not bill insurance for our services.  We work only for you, the patient, and in many cases we can save you money by NOT being contractually obligated to charge you inflated insurance rates.  We share with you our wholesale prices for labs and testing which do not require insurance.  We work with your insurance when appropriate for referrals outside of our office, but not for services within the clinic.  
  • ADVOCACY OUTSIDE OF OUR OFFICE. We are paid outside of the regular insurance system, but that doesn't impact our great relationships with trusted members of the Raleigh medical community.  We partner with labs, hospitals and specialists to coordinate your needs outside of our office.  Our goal is to know the whole picture of your health and to weigh in where needed to coordinate and advocate for you. In fact, specialists have told us that they like working with us because our doctors are easy to reach for consultations.  We are able to break down the barriers that can make care coordination difficult.  

  • UNBIASED ADVICE. We provide an unbiased medical advocate to help you navigate the healthcare system.  Unlike some insurance based primary care clinics, we are not rewarded by the government or commercial insurance for how much or how little we do for you, so you can rest assured that we have only your best interest at heart.
  • TREATING YOU LIKE FAMILY. We hope it feels like having a doctor in the family.  

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Board Certified in Family Medicine




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Restoring the Doctor Patient Relationship through

Person-To-Person Medicine

Direct Primary Care for All Ages

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