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We are poised to begin our spring semester of the wellness collaboration with the YMCA.  In recognition of the fact that many of the participants in our program are returning members and in light of internal changes within the YMCA, we have adapted the program to better suit the needs of the participants and the capabilities of the Y and the clinic. 
My goal for the program is to foster community that provides support and encouragement in the pursuit of good health.  The principal ways we have historically worked to do that have been to gather at the Y, assess progress with measurements, give talks on health topics, and exercise together.  Our goal remains the same, but we are changing some of the things we do in light of the changes I mentioned above.  The changes we are making are:

  • Shorten the meeting from 2 hours to 1 hour and move the start time to 3:00 pm.
  • Limit the weekly measurements to weight measurement.  Blood pressure readings are hard to accurately obtain in that setting and doing so privately is challenging.
  • Discontinue the weekly lecture. 

We plan to offer a lecture series separate from the wellness program. 

FIRST LECTURE:  The first such lecture will be February 28th with Drs. Polly Watson and Lori Watson 

The YMCA’s in house health coach will direct the pre and post assessments and be available for consultation on an ongoing basis for all participants.  I will meet personally with the health coach to brief her on the specific health challenges of each participant prior to the program.

All participating members in the program will be required to have a medical membership at the Y which is $55/month.  The cost for the medical membership is less than $10/month above a regular Y membership and has no term to it.  You may stop your medical membership at the conclusion of the program or continue it if you find the additional support and medical programs helpful. 

More information about the medical memberships is available at this website:

There is no additional fee from the clinic for participating in the program, as the YMCA has assumed the staffing responsibilities for the program.  I will continue to lead it and be present but we don’t bring on additional staff to support it. 

I am excited about the changes and believe that we can provide better ongoing support to our members through these modifications.  As you all know, achieving and maintaining health is a lifelong effort, not a 3 month project.  We look forward to walking alongside you in that lifelong undertaking.  Our exercise schedule for the 3 months is listed below, subject to some change depending on YMCA instructor availability.
P3 Classes February 19th- May 7th, 2019
 3-3:15 pm- Meet in the conference room for weigh ins
 3:15-4 pm- Group Ex Class

2/19 – Pre-Assessments: Stacy, Amy, and Jessica
2/26 – Intro to Total Body Strength (TBS): Cheri
3/5 – TBS: Cheri
3/12 – Fit after 50 (Jim P)
3/19 – Pilates (instructor TBA)
3/26 – TBS: Cheri
4/2 – Restorative Yoga (need to caveat that this will not be a cardio workout, but is very important)
4/9 – TBS: Cheri
4/16 – Yoga (Connie or Marty?)
4/23 – TBS: Cheri
4/30 – Pilates (instructor TBA)
5/7 – Post-Assessments

If you are interested in participating in our spring program, please let us know as soon as possible.  I hope to see you next week at our first meeting.

 Wishing you good health,

 Ben Fischer

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