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Clinic Update 4-4-2020

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New Member Pricing

Restoring the Doctor Patient Relationship through

Person-To-Person Medicine

High functioning membership-based primary care that is 

  • No co-pays or visit fees
  • No insurance filed or needed for our serivces
  • Every appointment is with a Board Certified Medical Doctor with over 15 years of experience
  • Always see your own physician unless he is sick or on vacation
  • Same Day and Next Day appointments available
  • Personal service and private care - no third party has rights to your records 

This picture is from Friday’s online staff meeting.   Here we are enjoying watching Dr. Lapinskes model his new mask made by our wonderful retired nurse, Roxie Bittner who continues to support us, even in retirement. 

We are missing seeing members in person but we want to share with you some of our clinic goals during the current pandemic.  

PROVIDE EXCELLENT MEDICAL CARE:  Just because a global pandemic is happening, doesn’t mean that your other health concerns have gone away.   Thankfully, we know you and we are well positioned to manage many of your needs by phone, email, and video.  We have been taking care of as many things as possible virtually to minimize the chance of spreading COVID-19.   Please do not hesitate to contact us for medical advice if you have a specific issue, but it is also fine to call if you would like suggestions for dealing with uncertainty, anxiety and other issues that may arise.  

MINIMIZE EXPOSURE:  One of our goals is to keep you from needing to go to any other medical facility that might increase your chance of exposure.  An important role that we can play in this pandemic is to keep the pressure off the hospitals by doing as much as we can to keep you from needing to go there.  You can help us in this regard by limiting your physical interactions as much as possible.   You can always ask Dr. Fischer or Dr. Lapinskes to help you determine which other medical appointment are necessary at this time. 

We’ve had an increase in “weekend warrior” injuries from all of the projects that you’ve been doing at home and in your yards (which is a great way to spend this time) and we are still available to put in stitches or deal with other injuries that we can’t handle over the phone.  We would rather you come to us than go to an Urgent Care or ER, so call us first to determine the best plan. 

STUDY COVID-19:  Dr. Lapinskes and Dr. Fischer are studying through the ever-expanding information about COVID-19 so they can give you the best advice possible to keep yourself, your family and your community safe.   We have had several COVID-19 cases among our clinic family, but we are glad to report that none of our members have been hospitalized at this point.  

PROTECT YOU:  In addition to helping you medically, we want to keep you safe from scams and misleading information that may be harmful.   There are unfortunately people capitalizing on fears by selling unproven COVID-19 treatments.   If you have questions about any of these treatments or recommendations of high doses of vitamins or supplements, we recommend that you ask your doctor who would be happy to give you guidance.  

PRACTICE GRATITUDE:  In the midst of this all, we are mindful to be thankful for the good things that we are seeing and the positive ways that people are coming together to help one another, even as we must be physically distant.  Thank you for all of you who have been working on sewing masks, making hand sanitizer and donating other protective equipment to us and to area hospitals.  We also appreciate the kind words and we look forward to being back with you all in person to express our gratitude. 

STAY HEALTHY:  We are all being extra careful regarding our personal exposures so that we will be available for you in-person if necessary.  We are also working on our own health and encourage you to do the same by eating well, not drinking or smoking, getting exercise, spending time outside and maintaining relationships through connecting safely.  Since all of our normal routines are already disrupted, this can be a good time create some new healthy habits like a long daily walk or getting enough sleep. 

The clinic staff is in communication with each other and we are working hard to meet the goals above.  Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can best serve and support you during this time. 

Let us know any COVID-19 questions that you have for the doctors and we will have them answer them in our next video.