Our physicians offer relationship-based primary care, chronic disease management, and preventive medicine. Our clinic is intentionally designed to give affordable, high-value primary care services directly to our patients with you at the center of all we do.  They desire to know you well and collaborate with you in your pursuit of health and to be a trusted adviser and advocate when you need it.  

​Membership Details

The enrollment fee and the current month's membership fee will be processed within a few days of registering.  If you are paying annually, your annual membership begins on the day that you register.  

We require either a credit card or bank account on file for automatic payments.  Our fees for credit card payments are much higher than for bank account drafts.  If you are able, we would appreciate it if you pay with a bank draft to help us keep our costs down and our rates as low as possible.  

We will donate $10 per year for every member who pays by bank account draft.  
This year, Dr. Lapinskes is donating to Neighbor to Neighbor Ministries and Dr. Fischer is donating to the Triangle YMCA. 

If you receive a “FAILED PAYMENT” email, please contact our office within 2 business days to straighten out any billing issue. We are always willing to work with you, but if we do not hear from you we will enforce the following nonpayment policy:


1 month of nonpayment results in INACTIVE status and full payment is required before any additional service.
2 months of nonpayment assumes SELF TERMINATION & membership will be canceled without an option to renew.  

Members who have continued nonpayment issues may be terminated. No member may rejoin if terminated for nonpayment. 

Call or email with specific questions.  


[email protected]


High functioning membership-based primary care that is 

  • No co-pays or visit fees
  • No insurance filed or needed for our serivces
  • Every appointment is scheduled with your physician
  • Same/Next Day appointments available
  • Personal service and private care - no third party has rights to your records 

How Do Labs Work?

How Does Billing Work?

In House Vaccines

Membership Pricing

About Fischer Clinic



  • Age 19 to 25:  $55 per month
  • Age 26-59:  $75 per month
  • Age 60+:  $100 per month

Kids​ Under age 18:  

  • $50 per month
  • $25 per month if at least one parent sees Dr. Lapinskes

Enrollment Fee:  $75​ per member, $150 per household max

Full transparent pricing is available for any service we provide, but here is a general guideline for our rates. 

Membership includes:

No co-pays for office visits

Annual comprehensive physical -

             Physical labs at our highly discounted prices - (example $25 total for the following labs):

                           Complete Blood Count

                           Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

                           Cholesterol Panel

                           Thyroid Function


                           Prostate-Specific Antigen (if applicable)

​             Testing Included with Adult Physical:  EKG

Other Member Benefits:

  • Coordination of care with specialists and other health providers
  • Prescription refills without a visit, unless medically necessary
  • Access to your doctor for after-hours consultation and emergencies 
  • Same-day or next-day appointments for available
  • ​Labs, testing, and procedures offered at highly discounted transparent pricing.  Often 80-90% less than insurance-based prices
  • Procedures:  transparent pricing provided for minor procedures such as laceration repair (sutures), ear wax removal, and minor skin procedures

Membership Term:

We do not have a long-term contract and you may cancel your membership at any time with 30 days' written notice. If you are billed annually, your payment source on file will be automatically charged at your membership anniversary.  You can change your payment method at any time.  

Tell Us Where it Hurts:

We strive to take care of as many of your health needs as possible and we seek to prevent when possible, treat when appropriate and manage when that is the best option.  In the interest of treating the whole person, we provide opportunities for patient education through speakers, classes and other programs aimed at helping you achieve a healthy mind, body, and spirit.  If there are resources or services that you would like that we don't currently provide, please let us know.  

We are excited to have a partnership with VaxCare to provide vaccines in our office.  You can either pay with insurance through VaxCare or directly through our transparent prices.  

We offer both regular and high dose flu shots in the fall.  You can pay directly or through your insurance.  Our self pay rates are listed below or you may be able to get it for free from the NC Health Department.  

Click on the vaccine name on the left to be linked to the Vaccine Information Statement.  

In House Vaccine Information
Click on the name to go to the Vaccine Information StatementSelf Pay Price
Dtap - Daptacel
Dtap+IPV+HIB  - Pentacel
Flu - Regular$30
Flu - High Dose$60
Hep A Pediatric - Vaqta
Hep B Pediatric - Engerix-B
HPV9 - Gardasil 9
MCV4 - Menactra
PCV13 - Prevnar 13
PPSV23 - Pneumovax23
TDaP - Adacel
Varicella - Varivax
Zoster - Shingrix


Labs:  We work directly with LabCorp to provide labs at wholesale pricing for our members. 


  • Financial Benefit - Our pricing is HEAVILY discounted and we pass that savings on to you.  Inexpensive labs make it easier for us to order a test without worrying about you getting a big surprise bill.  
  • Medical Benefit - Because we pay LabCorp directly, insurance does not need to be involved. This enables Dr. Fischer and Dr. Lapinskes to order tests without having to worry about approval from insurance or the government.  

Most of the time, we order labs directly and pass on the discounted price to you.  At LabCorp, they refer to this as Client Bill where we (Fischer Clinic) is the Client and we are responsible for paying the bill

How Do CLIENT BILL Labs Work?

1.  We place the order directly with LabCorp.  
2.  We send you a copy of the order 
3.  You can either schedule an appointment directly with LabCorp for the appointment or just go as a walk-in.  (map to LabCorp locations)
4.  You go to LabCorp for your lab draw at least 2 business days before your appointment here


When you go to LabCorp they sometimes have a kiosk for checking in patients which may ask for your insurance information or for your photo ID.  If we have ordered your labs directly to be paid by or through Fischer Clinic then you should choose this option on the kiosk:

"My employer or another company is responsible for this visit"

Paying for labs through Fischer Clinic: 

The cost will be added to your account with us and paid on your next monthly bill.  We can tell you up front what the price through us will be and you never have to worry about it being approved or denied because insurance isn't involved.  There is no draw fee when the labs are ordered through us.  

We have a discounted price for every lab that LabCorp offers.  It is ALWAYS lower than their patient price.  Here is a small sample of our direct lab pricing for members:

Fischer Clinic Client Bill Lab Pricing

LabFischer Clinic Member Price
Drawing FeeFREE
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel$4
Complete Blood Count$4
Hepatic Function Panel$7
Lipid Panel$4
Pap Smear Pathology$28
Uric Acid$3
Urine Culture
Vitamin B12$7
Vitamin D$18

Paying for your labs through your insurance: 

In some instances when a lab is very expensive and likely to be covered by your insurance, you can choose to have us order them through your insurance.  

We can order the labs through your insurance and provide a diagnosis code.  We do not know ahead of time what the price will be through insurance if they aren't covered.  We do know that if you haven't met your deductible or if the labs are not covered, the amount that you will be responsible for will be higher than if you pay through your account with us.  In most cases, just the "draw fee" is around $25 when you pay through insurance, which is higher than most of our lab tests cost.  There is no draw fee if you pay through our office.