2.  Transfer Records

After you complete the enrollment, please complete the transfer of records form and either give it to your current doctor's office or send it to us and we will send it for you.

1.  New Patient Registration ​

​​You may complete your registration online.  We recommend completing the registration on a computer rather than a mobile device. 

The enrollment process will take about 15 minutes. You'll be asked some general questions about your health status and history.  You may leave any question blank if you do not know the information or if you would prefer to discuss with the doctor in person.  

You do not have to enter a credit card to register.  We prefer for members to pay with a bank draft, but you can choose which is better for you.  We donate $10 every year to either the Alexander YMCA or Neighbor to Neighbor Ministry for every patient that pays their membership by bank draft.  

If you have any questions while registering, you can call our officeYou can also enroll in person in our office by appointment or by phone at 919-258-2443.