Dr. Eberly Is Accepting New Patients of All Ages!

Pricing Information

Fischer Clinic offers a direct primary care model, where you receive comprehensive primary care services for a low monthly fee with no insurance processed or needed. Our low transparent fee covers all office visits and there are no co-pays.   You pay the same whether you come in every day or not at all.  

Membership Pricing

3 Easy Steps To Join Fischer Clinic

Step One

Complete Online Enrollment

Enrollment takes around 15 minutes and asks for medical information.  Please include anything that you know off of the top of your head – we can fill in the rest with you later

Step Two

 Request your Prior Records

Use this form to request medical records from your previous primary care doctor.  Please return a copy to us by mail or a PDF of completed form.  

Step Three

Contact Us When you Need Us

As soon as you get confirmation from us, you are a member! Reach out to us when you need something and we’ll be happy to see you.  

Membership Details

Services Included

  • Office visits with no co-pay or bill
  • Unrushed comprehensive physical 
  • Coordination of care with specialists and other health providers
  • Prescription refills without a visit, unless medically necessary
  • Access to your personal physician for after-hours consultations and emergencies 
  • Same day or next day appointments for sick visits
  • Discounted labs, procedures and testing
  • Patient education opportunities such as nutrition, health talks and fitness programs

Other Benefits

  • You see the same doctor for all scheduled visits
  • Your physician can admit and care for your in the hospital, if needed  (hospital charges will apply, but no charge for your physician to care for you there)
  • You will never see a PA or NP at Fischer Clinic
  • Your physician has the freedom to refer you to the best person or office for your care 
  • You doctor is free to care for you without any pressure from administrators to do more or do less for you
  • Your physician works only for you and not for a third-party processor

Additional Services

  • Testing:   Offered at highly discounted transparent pricing
  • Labs available with our highly discounted prices (example $25 total for the following labs)
    • Complete Blood Count
    • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
    • Cholesterol Panel
    • Thyroid Function
    • Urinalysis
    • Prostate Specific Antigen (if applicable)
  • Procedures:  transparent pricing provided for minor procedures such as laceration repair (sutures), ear wax removal, and minor skin procedures
  • No charge for EKGs, Ear Wax Removal,  wart removal

Dr. Brewer Eberly is Accepting New Patients of All Ages

                                                                                    We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Brewer Eberly will officially be joining Fischer Clinic in August of 2022 after he completes his residency in Anderson, South Carolina, and relocates his family here.  We have known Dr. Eberly since 2018 and we can’t wait for you to meet him.  Until August, we are honored to have an outstanding and experienced physician, Dr. Robert Adams care for Dr. Eberly’s patients. We will have a chance for you to meet Dr. Eberly in person before August, but in the meantime, we have podcasts, articles, and videos so you can get to know a little more about him.

Waiting Lists

Dr. Lapinskes is accepting new patients on a very limited basis.  Please contact his nurse, Kellie at [email protected] if you are a family member of a current patient or if you were previously his patient. 

Dr. Fischer is no longer adding names to his waiting list.  If you are on his waiting list and would like to see Dr. Eberly instead you can enroll for and become a patient immediately.  We do not anticipate any movement on Dr. Fischer’s list until October.  

January 15, 2022 Video message from Dr. Fischer to waiting list:

Patient Billing

You are a member as soon as we accept your online registration and your billing will begin as soon as you are accepted.   Starting the month after your enrollment you will be charged on the 5th of each month.  You can pay for your membership monthly or annually.  

Please Pay By Annual Check or Bank Draft

To help us keep our prices and expenses low, we prefer for members to pay with a bank draft (monthly or annually) by check (annually).   Call the office or use this form to get started:  Pay By Checking Form

When you pay by check or bank draft, we pass on the credit card fee savings to our community by donating $10 every year to either the Alexander YMCA or Neighbor to Neighbor Ministry for each member who pays by bank draft or check.  Thank you for helping us in this way if you can. 

Membership Term

We only want you to stay a member if you are happy with the care you are receiving.  If you are moving or if you need to end your Fischer Clinic membership for ANY reason, please we will end your membership with 30 days notice.  

​Other Area Direct Primary Care Physicians

If you have other friends and family who are looking for a direct primary care physicians, here are a few great options in the area who are accepting new members of all ages.  

Melissa Reed, MD  
8341 Bandford Way 
Raleigh, NC 27615
Crystal Rambeau, MD
332 N Brightleaf Blvd
Smithfield, NC 27577
Shauna L. Guthrie, MD
123 Horner St. 
Henderson, NC 27536