Information on Joining Fischer Clinic

Fischer Clinic offers a direct primary care model for patients of all ages.  You you receive comprehensive primary care services for a low monthly fee with no insurance processed or needed. Our low transparent fee covers all office visits and there are no co-pays.   You pay the same whether you come in every day or not at all.   We hope you are thrilled to be a member and enjoy having a direct relationship with your personal physician – if you join and you discover that it isn’t for you we only ask for a 30 day notice to end your membership. 

3 Easy Steps To Join Fischer Clinic

Step One

Complete Online Enrollment

Online Enrollment is temporarily paused while we settle in our new patients.  Please check back here for enrollment to reopen, most likely in July

Step Two

 Request Your Prior Records

Use this form to request medical records from your previous primary care doctor.  Please return a copy to us and we will request your records 

Step Three

Contact Us When you Need Us

As soon as you get confirmation from us, you are a member! 

Please, reach out to us when you need something and we’ll be happy to see you.  

Membership Details

Services Included

  • Office visits with no visit fee
  • Unrushed comprehensive physical where you are actually physically evaluated
  • Coordination of care with specialists and other health providers
  • Prescription refills without a visit, unless medically necessary
  • Access to your personal physician for after-hours consultations and emergencies
  • Same day or next day appointments for sick visits
  • Discounted labs, procedures and testing
  • Patient education opportunities such as nutrition, health talks and fitness programs
  • EKGs, Ear Wax Removal, Wart removal, and many other in house procedures (may have small supply cost)

Other Benefits

  • Continuity
    • You see the same doctor for all scheduled visits
    • Your physician can admit and care for your in the hospital, if needed  (hospital charges will apply, but no charge for your physician to care for you there)
    • You will never see a PA or NP at Fischer Clinic (we don’t have any)
  • Convenience
    • You have one number to call – day or night which always goes to a Fischer Clinic physician or staff 
    • We are set up to serve YOU and your medical needs – same day
  • Collaboration
    • Your physician works only for you and not for a third-party processor
    • Your physician has the freedom to refer you to the best person or office for your care 
    • You doctor is free to care for you without any financial pressure from administrators to do more or do less for you

Additional Services

  • Testing:   Offered at highly discounted transparent pricing
  • Labs available with our highly discounted prices (example $25 total for the following labs)
    • Complete Blood Count
    • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
    • Cholesterol Panel
    • Thyroid Function
    • Urinalysis
    • Prostate Specific Antigen (if applicable)
  • Procedures:  transparent pricing provided for minor procedures such as laceration repair (sutures), joint injections, and minor skin procedures – prices typically range from $5-$30 and cover the cost of supplies.  
  • Full list of prices available upon request

Membership Pricing

Dr. Brewer Eberly is Accepting New Patients of All Ages

Dr. Eberly began his medical training at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine in 2013, completed a Fellowship in Theology, Medicine and Culture at Duke University and completed Family Medicine residency as Chief Resident at AnMed Health in Anderson, SC.  We have known Dr. Eberly since 2018 when he was at Duke for his Fellowships.  We knew when we met him that we would love for him to join Fischer Clinic and we are thrilled that he is here which enables us to welcome new members.

Here are some podcasts, articles, and videos so you can get to know a little more about him.

Benefits of joining Dr. Eberly’s practice:

If you are planning to live many more years, Dr. Eberly will be able to be your physician much longer than Dr. Fischer and Dr. Lapinskes who both hope to retire before Dr. Eberly.

Dr. Eberly started his medical training in August 2013 and has been focused on being an excellent family medicine physician like is father and grandfather before him.  

Waiting Lists

Dr. Eberly is accepting new patients on a limited basis.  Please complete the waiting list link above and our office will contact you when we have a new patient spot available.  

Dr. Lapinskes is accepting new patients on a very limited basis.  Please contact his nurse, Kellie at [email protected] if you are a family member of a current patient or if you were previously his patient. 

Dr. Fischer is no longer adding names to his waiting list.  If you are on his waiting list and would like to see Dr. Eberly instead you can enroll for and become a patient immediately.  We experience minimal movement on Dr. Fischer’s list and we cannot estimate when he might accept new patients.  Dr. Fischer’s current priority is to ensure that Dr. Eberly has easy access to him for referrals and consultations.  

January 15, 2022 Video message from Dr. Fischer to waiting list:

Patient Billing

You are a member as soon as we accept your online registration and your billing will begin as soon as you are accepted.   Starting the month after your enrollment you will be charged on the 5th of each month.  You can pay for your membership monthly or annually.  

Please Pay By Annual Check or Bank Draft

To help us keep our prices and expenses low, we prefer for members to pay with a bank draft (monthly or annually) by check (annually).   Call the office or use this form to get started:  Pay By Checking Form

When you pay by check or bank draft, we pass on the credit card fee savings to our community by donating $10 every year for each member who pays by bank draft or check.  Thank you for helping us in this way if you can. 

Ending Your Membership - The Fine Print

We hope you are happy with the care you are receive, but if you decide that you would like to end your Fischer Clinic membership for ANY reason, we will end your membership with 30 days written notice (email is fine).  

If you end your Fischer Clinic membership and wish to re-enroll, you will pay a new enrollment fee and enroll at the price for new members at that time, subject to approval.   We value long-term relationships and generally will not allow re-enrollments for people who decide to leave other than for moving from the area.  We will consider re-enrollments on a case by case basis, but not ahead of people who are on our waiting list.