Dr. Eberly Is Accepting New Patients of All Ages!

Summer Greetings

 Dr. Brewer Eberly is now accepting new members of all ages.

We are thankful to Dr. Robert Adams (left) for serving as an interim physician for Dr. Eberly (right).

As was the case with Dr. Fischer and Dr. Lapinskes, we expect that Dr. Eberly will reach capacity in less than a year. Because of the nature of our practice, once a physician is full the wait for a membership can be long.

Link to join: www.fischerclinic.com/join

Update on Waiting Lists
Dr. Fischer has a waiting list and is not adding any new names to that list. If you are on his list, we want to acknowledge that many people have been waiting several years.  Anyone on a waiting list may join Dr. Eberly, but we do not switch patients between doctors so you cannot join Dr. Eberly’s practice and later switch to Dr. Fischer or Dr. Lapinskes (not that you would want to!). I do not anticipate that Dr. Fischer will take any new members from his waiting list until 2023 after we see how his schedule is positively impacted by Dr. Eberly working full-time.

Dr. Lapinskes is only adding people to his waitlist who are related to his current members or who were his previous patients.

Finally, on a fun note – we are going to have a drawing for a $50 local restaurant giveaway every month in 2022.

  • Dr. Eberly’s “Founding Members” (those who join before August 1st) are all entered twice,
  • Eberly members who join after August 1st are entered once,
  • Anyone who refers a new member who joins Dr. Eberly’s practice is entered once for each new member

If you have referred a new member who joined Dr. Eberly’s practice, you can use this form report your referral to me:

Our first drawing is next week and the prize is your choice of a $50 gift card to: Gringo a Go-Go, Centro, Square Burger or Weaver Street Market.


We will be having some events in August where you can come and meet Dr. Eberly so stay tuned for those dates coming up.

For more information about Dr. Eberly and how membership in the clinic works, please reach out by phone or email

[email protected]



Liz Fischer

Liz Fischer

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